SAP ABAP CDS Arithmetic Functions – Ceil, Floor, Div (Integer), Division (Dec), Mod, Round & Aggregate Expressions – MAX, MIN, AVG, SUM, COUNT, Group By Clause, HAVING Clause

SAP ABAP CDS Arithmetic Functions

Ceil, Floor, Div (Integer), Division (Dec), Mod, Round are basic Arithmetic Functions or expressions 

@AbapCatalog.sqlViewName: 'ZDEMO_ARTH_V'
@AbapCatalog.compiler.compareFilter: true
@AccessControl.authorizationCheck: #NOT_REQUIRED
@EndUserText.label: 'Built In Arithmetic Functions'
define view ZFLIGHT_ARTH as select distinct from sflight as a
 abs(-2) as Abs_Op,
 /*Ceil and Floor*/
 ceil(25.3) as Ceil_Op,
 floor(25.3) as Floor_Op,
 div(5,3) as Div_Op,
 division(5,3,5) as Div_Op2,
 mod(5,3) as Mod_Op,
 a.price as Flg_Price, 
 round( a.price,1) as Round_Op

Ceil is 26 for a number 25.3 while Floor is 25 for the same number 25.3.

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Aggregate Expressions are commonly used Arithmetic Functions


Note:Require a GROUP BY clause when aggregate or arithmetic functions are used along with other elements in the projection list


You can calculate the number of rows in the result set using COUNT.

select from sbook
count( * ) as booked_flights
where carrid= 'LH' and connid= '0400'


You can calculate the minimum or maximum value in a column.
What is the price range of the flights?

defineviews4hcds_sel_v17 as select from sflight
min( price) as Min_Price,
max( price) as Max_Price,
sum( price) as Total_Price
where carrid= 'AA' and connid= '0017'

Group By Clause

  • A table can be divided into (disjoint) groups of rows.
  • A group is represented in the query result by a single row.
  • Aggregate expressions will be evaluated separately for each group.
  • Columns outside of aggregate functions must be listed in GROUP BY clause.
defineviews4hcds_sel_v18as select from sflight
  count( *) as Count_flights
where planetype= 'A340-600' or
      planetype= 'A319-100'
group by planetype

Having Condition

  • HAVING condition is evaluated after the group by clause is evaluated.
  • HAVINGcondition can only be specified together with GROUP BY.
  • CDS Arithmetic Functions can be specified in the HAVING condition.
define views4hcds_sel_v19as select from sflight
  count(*) as flight_count
group by carrid, fldate
having count(*) > 2



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